Value Management at Spencer Fold Management Services

What could a Value Management Study do for your business?

  • Help unlock additional potential for further growth and development
  • Bring teams together to contribute new ideas and improve systems
  • Identify any blockages and hindrances to effective communication
  • Boost morale - involving everyone in the future sucess of the business
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide an independant "critical friend" to analyse your business
  • Help identify and eliminate waste
  • Could deliver an extra £10 of value for every £1 spent.

What would a Value Management study involve?

Once a proposal and timetable have been agreed the consultant will meet with you to discuss the plan and the approach to be used. You will be asked to provide certain relevant information about your business. If other people are to be involved in the study, a team meeting will be arranged so that information can be shared.

The consultant will spend some time on site observing operations and talking to key people. Further analysis and research will be undertaken off-site. If workshops and on-going team meetings are required, these will be held at a time and place to suit you and your team.

Depending on the nature of the study, as options become evident these will be evaluated until a number of recommendations that will deliver the changes you desire can be prioritised. At this point the consultant will present their findings in a report or a presentation to your company. A subsequent workshop may be arranged to check progress.

I don't think I need a long study. What else can you offer?

  • Bespoke workshops to address specific development needs for your team.
  • An organisational "health check" and review of specific policies
  • Help with strategic planning, Business Continuity plans and internal communications
  • Signposting to other sources of specialist support
  • Coaching and mentoring for key staff
  • Help to implement key changes
  • Other bespoke support as required

For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact Julie 07928 747729 or email