Charities & Not-for-Profit

Why might my organisation need Management Support?

Many charities, community groups and faith based organisations rely on boards or committees to oversee their work. Chairs of such organisations - including church ministers reporting to councils or diaconates - often do not have the time or the relevant skills to act as line managers when new employees are appointed. The provision of an "arms-length" Performance Management arrangement, with clearly defined Terms of Reference, offers protection to both employers and employees. The costs involved are minimal compared to the risks of not having such arrangements in place.

Spencer Fold Management Services can offer management support to Third Sector organisations at reduced rates. Services include:

  • Performance management support for lone workers reporting to trustees or other committees
  • Supervision, coaching and mentoring for key staff
  • Business systems support for organisations and charities, especially for those taking on new project staff for the first time
  • Strategic Planning and Team Building
  • Writing up Business Plans
  • Risk Assessment & Business Continuity

How much will it cost?

For more details about charges and a free initial consultation ring 07928 747729 or email


We employed Julie Young from Spencer Fold Management Services to assess the role of our church administrator.

Through interviewing members of staff, she grasped the relevant issues quickly, correctly analysing the discrepancies between the original job and person specification and the actual role that the administrator was playing.

She produced a detailed report and provided us with recommendations for the future which have enabled us to see where we as employers needed to change.

Julie’s clear thinking, gentle but firm manner and skill have resulted in us being able to put procedures in place that have brought resolution.

Mark Pickett