The Benefits of an Independent Investigation

Quite simply, appointing an independent investigator can save any organisation time and money! This is because it:

  • Minimizes periods of suspension on full pay for those under investigation
  • Releases senior managers and administrators to concentrate on their primary responsibilities, rather than conducting and recording investigations themselves
  • Ensures a thorough and objective investigation takes place quickly, speeding up the resolution of any issues which are impacting on morale and performance in a team
  • Indicates to staff and other stakeholders (including unions) that their concerns are taken very seriously
  • Minimizes risk of breaches of confidentiality during investigation
  • Ensures compliance with current employment legislation
  • Provides a comprehensive evidence file
  • Reduces likelihood of being taken to an employment tribunal
  • If that still happens, having the evidence file already in place will save money on preparation for a tribunal
  • Where an investigation shows up weaknesses in an organisation’s procedures and practices, the investigator can, if required, make recommendations for remedial action and future improvements


Having an independent panel member will bring an objective and unbiased viewpoint to any hearing, visibly demonstrating a commitment to fairness, and minimizing the risk of protracted appeals and subsequent grievances.

Once an initial contract has been agreed for any investigation, Spencer Fold Management Services will provide:

  • Thorough preparation and planning following a telephone consultation with the senior manager commissioning the investigation
  • Familiarisation of relevant policies and procedures in use
  • Timely interviews with complainants to establish circumstances
  • Arranging initial interviews with witnesses
  • Conducting face to face interviews with as many key witnesses as possible – other parties may be contacted by telephone
  • Comprehensive notes of interviews, signed and dated on the day
  • Systematic collation of evidence and relevant documents
  • Review of evidence and witness statements
  • Repeat interviews to follow-up on further questions raised – these may be by telephone where distance is an issue
  • Comprehensive report, with conclusions
  • Full file of evidence, collated and indexed
  • Discussion of findings with commissioning manager

The commissioning organisation will provide Spencer Fold Management Services with copies of all relevant policies and procedures and contact details of all parties involved. These will remain confidential.


Prices on application following discussion about investigation required. Spencer Fold Management Services will offer a discount on the first investigation undertaken for all new clients. For more information please contact


I and 2 others were recently the victims of unfounded anonymous allegations at work.

I am a senior manager and take great pride in my organisation, the work we do and my personal professionalism. I was both relieved and concerned when I heard there was to be an investigation. Relieved because I knew there was no case to answer, concerned because I was being investigated therefore someone thought I might be guilty!

I have undertaken a number of investigations on individuals and understand the importance of ensuring everyone is given the opportunity to arrive at the truth.

Julie Young was appointed to investigate; she created an environment that was non-judgemental. She extracted information in a calm and relaxed manner and looked at the facts and the evidence. The investigation was in depth, it involved a number of witnesses yet mine and others confidentiality was respected and maintained at all times.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie - I found her to be diligent, knowledgeable in HR law, professional and caring. This made a difficult experience far more bearable.